Winery in Erbusco Since 1793



Our wines represent the natural expression of the land, soils and biodiversity in which our vines are rooted over time.

This precise identity originates from a continuous and careful research between environmental sustainability and the persevering care and attention of man;

The innovative spirit, the sensibility and the enthusiasm of being vine growers in Franciacorta comes from the tradition and from the history of our Family.

History and Identity 

Saturday, October 12th, 1793, Agostino Uberti became the owner of a small farmhouse and surrounding vineyards in Salem, Erbusco, allowing our cellar to be one of the most historic in Franciacorta.

In the seventies, viticulture coexisted with the traditional agricultural activities of the territory, when G. Agostino Uberti took over the leadership with his wife Eleonora, realizing the true development of the winery, creating in 1978 the first harvest suitable for Franciacorta.

Over the coming years, they expanded the cellar premises and acquired further vineyards, reaching a vineyard area that today extends over 25 hectares with a production of about 180,000 bottles per year.

Silvia and Francesca Uberti, introduced in the company in 2000s, have acquired and adopted the style and values ??that represent our precise identity.

Environmental sensitivity has always accompanied the life of our family, constantly implementing the care and research in cultivation and cellar operations, ensuring the expressive transparency that distinguishes our Franciacorta, the authentic expression of our vines.