Consorzio per la Tutela del Franciacorta


Winery in Franciacorta

Our lands are located in the magnificent moraine amphitheater formed at the time of the glaciations, which constituted the territory of Franciacorta. Essentially Erbusco, then Adro and Calino are the places where our vineyards develop, distinctive and exclusive territories, hilly terrain, rich in minerals, dry, well exposed and always ventilated, essential bases for producing our Franciacorta.

Our vineyards are Organic-certified and the care of vines is a fundamental value for us: we have always accompanied and guarded the plants in their life cycle, with the utmost attention to environmental biodiversity and the biological fertility of the soil in which they grow.

Understanding and letting the exclusive characteristics of each vineyard in our Franciacorta express itself is the easiest way to narrate our territory.